SmartRocks® Bench Seat 16/5

Product code: 16/5

Like pebbles on the beach, SmartRocks® is a trendy modular combination of low stools and benches. With a choice of a power tower and low stools in different shapes and sizes, the range will complement any casual and co-working environments and bring a touch of fun into your interiors.

The bench seats 16/4 and 16/5 from the range allow for power modules to be incorporated so that guests can plug in as they wind down. The natural, fluid shape of the bench seat means it can be introduced to a variety of spaces. The 16/5 can seat 2-3 people.

Dimensions: Height 45cm  /  Width 120cm  /  Depth 64cm  /  Weight 21.2kg

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  • Low friction glide for an easy set up
  • Contemporary design inspired by nature
  • The SmartRocks® versatility allows for limitless configurations and combinations depending on the size and shape of the space.


  • 6 different models/shapes/sizes available
  • Power modules available on models 16/4 16/5 and 16/6
  • Wireless charging available on power tower 16/6W
  • Wide range of fabrics and finishes available
  • Choose to include power modules or a wireless charger on your SmartRocks® (power modules available on Bench Seats and Power Tower models and wireless charger only available on the Power Tower with HPL top)
  • Each power module comes with 1 power supply (to suit most international requirements – UK, Europe and USA) and 2 USB charging ports or an optional