Our Ethical Values

Quality is paramount

Quality is in every single product that comes out of our Burgess factory. The fact that most of our products rate at much higher rates than anybody else in the UK for its quality and standards speak for itself.

Facts: 80% of our chairs have passed level 2 or higher over the past 5 years and 100% of our tables tested have passed a level 2 or higher over the last 9 years.

Made in Britain & Craftsmanship

Our furniture is made in Britain in our Burgess factory since the beginning and although we have modernised our equipment some steps our furniture building process are still manual because it guarantees the best quality for some parts of the job and matters to our customers.

Design & Functionality

We address different markets and different audiences. Aligning design and functionality on all our products is imperative and our designers stay on top of the trends whilst keeping an operational eye on to bring to life the best products on the market (looking at quality, design and functionality altogether).