SmartRocks® Triangular Stool 16/1



Like pebbles on the beach, SmartRocks® is a trendy modular combination of low stools and benches. With a choice of a power tower and low stools in different shapes and sizes, the range will complement any casual and co-working environments and bring a touch of fun into your interiors.

The triangular stool from the range makes the perfect, small stool for lobbies, receptions and break out areas. A wide range of fabrics and finishes is available for the whole range, so you can mix and match your style to fit your venue.


DIMENSIONS: Height 45cm  Width 48cm  Depth 48cm  Weight 6.9kg

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  • Low friction glide for an easy set up
  • Contemporary design inspired by nature
  • The SmartRocks® versatility allows for limitless configurations and combinations depending on the size and shape of the space.


  • 6 different models/shapes/sizes available
  • Power modules available on models 16/4 16/5 and 16/6
  • Wireless charging available on power tower 16/6W
  • Wide range of fabrics and finishes available