System-C Modesty Panels

System-C is a superior folding table system that is equally at home in both contemporary and traditional meeting spaces. Detachable or folding modesty panels are a great addition to rectangular tables, keeping guests at ease.



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  • Mild steel locking mechanism
  • Spring clips retain the legs when folded
  • Corner posts with integral stacking buffers to minimise the possibility of stacking damage
  • Incorporated swivel clip enables tables to be linked


  • SYS.F120 – Detachable Front Modestly Panel Laminate- 120cm (L) x 35cm (W)
  • SYS.F130 –  Detachable Front Modestly Panel Laminate- 130cm (L) x 35cm (W)
  • SYS.F150 –  Detachable Front Modestly Panel Laminate- 150cm (L) x 35cm (W)
  • SYS.F180 –  Detachable Front Modestly Panel Laminate- 180cm (L) x 35cm  (W)
  • FMP – Folding modesty panels are permanently attached to the table – add suffix FMP to model number – and can be folded out or away as required – black texture painted finish (60cm and 75cm width tables only)