Orvia 12/5



Combining innovative design with British engineering, Orvia chairs are slender, elegant and strong and have achieved the FIRA Ergonomics Award.

The squared, ‘waist’ design of the 12/5 creates a unique back shape that combines traditional with contemporary.


DIMENSIONS: Height 91cm  Width 45cm  /  Depth 62.5cm  /  Weight 7.4kg  / Seat Height 47cm

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  • Five contemporary back shapes
  • Underframe is sturdy and allows chairs to be stacked 10 high
  • Contoured upholstered back with support creates the most comfortable chair
  • Ergonomically designed seat cushion provides greater support
  • Unique asymmetrical design with slender elegance


  • Discreet Top Rail
  • Retractable linking with optional numbering
  • Available as an armchair (Add suffix A)
  • Available with top rail (Add suffix T)
  • Detachable writing tablet with rotary action
  • A wide range of Burgess fabric and finishing options