Inicio 09/4H



Inicio has an innovative forward sloping, lightweight aluminium frame. With a unique wedge seat and slim back construction, Inicio creates a modern aesthetic while providing excellent comfort.

09/4 features a square, dynamic back shape and is available without the handhold (remove suffix H).


DIMENSIONS: Height 85cm  Width 45cm  Depth 58.5cm  Weight 6kg  / Seat Height 45.5cm

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  • Frame stacks up to 10 high
  • Bespoke die-cast handle
  • Wedge seat for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Discreet clear stacking buttons
  • Clear plastic feet


  • With or without handhold (Suffix H)
  • Retractable linking and numbering
  • Detachable front leg mounted writing tablets
  • Mono- or two-tone upholstery
  • Upholstery can be chosen from a wide range of Burgess fabrics
  • A wide range of solid paint frame finishes is available
  • Armchair option available for all models (Add suffix A)