360 Divide – D360/2

Product code: D360/2

Designed by David Hill, for casual seating spaces to block off areas and add an element of privacy, 360 Divide brings playful design and practicality together. With 4 shapes to choose from, as the name suggests, this multi-use screen spins a full 360 degrees on its elliptical steel base and central axis.

The structural wooden skeleton is clad with foam to aid in noise reduction giving a soft touch to the screen, whilst the option of dual fabrics come together in a frameless design.

With a wide choice of fabrics and base finishes, you can customise your 360 Divide to suit your space.

Available in plain fabrics only, excludes leather and vinyl.

Dimensions: Height 126cm  /  Width 163cm  /  Screen Depth 5.4cm  /  Base Width 90cm  /  Base Depth 40cm  /  Panel Weight 15.5kg  /  Base Weight 14.5kg  /  Total Weight 30Kg


  • Panel spins 360 degrees on a central axis
  • PTFE glides for ease of movement
  • Frameless design
  • Elliptical steel base available in all solid paint finishes
  • Dual fabric


  • Wide choice of fabrics (plain fabrics only)
  • 4 shapes/orientations to choose from