Full replacement with Burgess


Why did you choose to purchase from Burgess Furniture? 

St Michael’s Village Hall bought chairs from Burgess Furniture about 15 years ago.

The chairs we bought were very well used and still in good condition, despite the heavy use, until they were all destroyed by the floods of December 2015.

We picked a different colour than the previous ones and changed the shape of the backrest. We are very happy with the result as we were last time.

Did the Burgess Furniture Brand have an impact on this decision? 

Because we had been so happy with them previously we decided to replace them with more Burgess chairs.

How did you find the staff who helped you through the purchasing process? 

The staff at Burgess Furniture were most helpful with the reordering process and I am more than happy to recommend this company and its products to anyone who is considering buying or who is looking for chairs.