Create the ideal environment for your guests to relax and unwind comfortably with the Crescent chair. Perfect for any venue looking for trendy and contemporary seating, the stylish chair design features softly curved aesthetics on the outer back and below the seat and a ribbed stitched seat and back, offering an inviting place to take a break. If you like the chair design but want it to match your interior design, you can customise the upholstery by selecting a fabric from a broad range of quality suppliers as well as choosing from one of the 6 base options. With these stylistic refinements, the Crescent Chair can add contrast or work seamlessly with your décor, whether a hotel lobby, civic centre with breakout areas, golf club lounge, or a meeting space for attendees at an event or conference.

Crescent 22 4



All the below models are available in a wide range of fabrics from our approved quality suppliers.

Base Options

With a variety of 6 different bases, you can select the perfect design for your venue.

Crescent 22 1wr

4 star
chrome base
Height 85.5cm
Width 46cm
Depth 61cm
Seat height 50cm

Crescent 22 2

Low 4
star base
Height 83.5cm
Width 47.5cm
Depth 61.5cm
Seat height 49.5cm

Crescent 22 3wr

5 star base
on castors
Height 76+10.5cm
Width 66cm
Depth 66cm
Seat height 42 + 10.5cm

Crescent 22 4

Raised 4
star base
Height 83.5cm
Width 48cm
Depth 61.5cm
Seat height 49.5cm

Crescent 22 5wr

4 star
wooden base
Height 83.5cm
Width 54.5cm
Depth 63cm
Seat height 49cm

Crescent 22 7wr

Height 80.5cm
Width 45cm
Depth 61.5cm
Seat height 46cm