Slimfold™ Table Trolley

Designed specifically for our Slimfold Tables, TT/F Table Truck allows flat, stacked storage for up to 10 rectangular tables. The TTE/M Multipurpose Table Truck range provides storage for round, half-round or rectangular tables.




  • Allows flat, stacked storage for up to 10 tables
  • Has 4 removable handles with foam sleeves to protect hardwood lipping
  • Tubular mild steel construction throughout, with ply boarding where required
  • Pewter hammer finish powder coated frame
  • Grey non-marking corner buffers
  • Swivel and braked castors


  • Available with detachable ramp

Trolleys for specific tables

  • TTF13 – Trolley for S13 and S100 tables
  • TTF14 – Trolley for S14 tables
  • TTF15 – Trolley for S15, S16 & S17 tables
  • TTF18 – Trolley for S18 tables
  • TTF19 – Trolley for S19 tables

Multi-use Trolleys

  • TTE1M – Trolley for tables diameter 91
  • TTE2M – Trolley for tables diameter 91.5 to 136 + S11, S12 and S17 (see Slimfold™ table page)
  • TTE3M – Trolley for tables diameter 122 to 160 + S5 (see Slimfold™ table page)
  • TTE4M – Trolley for tables diameter 160 to 185 + S6, S7, S8, S10, S20 (see Slimfold™ table page)
  • TTFCTL – Trolley for cocktail tables (Max. 8 tables)
  • Add an additional 15cm to our trolleys
  • Add “double width” on our trolleys pneumatic tyres instead of standard tyres