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Move your stacking chairs safely around your venue.

By selecting a Burgess chair trolley you can be sure of our renowned high quality. Each of our chairs trolleys have been designed to safely transport all our chair ranges, protecting your products from scratches caused by other brand trolleys not intended for our designs.
Our Chair Trolleys have been designed to safely transport all of our chair ranges. Select the trolley to match your chairs from; Cello, Comfort-Flex, Evosa, Flair, Forum, Como, Fiora, Orvia, Siena, Turini & Vari, Tiani and Sentrum chair trolleys.
All trolleys include a tubular mild steel construction with a powder coated frame for strength, and rubber wheels to ensure your staff remain safe whilst protecting the chairs during transport.

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Flair Chair Trolley

This CTH/4 allows staff to stack and move the Burgess Flair chairs. The trolley enables users to move stacks up to 10 chairs high for transportation. Because our chair trolleys are designed to take the full load of the chairs, users can wheel the trolley without taking any of the load. The CTH/4 allows easy transportation of the Flair chairs for simple storage and quick room set up. Features include a strap to retain the stack of chairs in position, a tubular mild steel powder coated frame and rubber wheels.


CTH/6 Chair Trolley

The CTH/6 is a 3-wheeled chair trolley for transporting stacks of chairs in complete safety and very easily. This Trolley accepts several Burgess designs; Cello, Comfortflex, Como, Fiora, Orvia, Siena, Turini & Vario Burgess Chairs. CTH/6 is designed to pass the weight of the load down through the three wheels meaning users can maneuver stacks of chairs with minimal effort. By selecting a Burgess chair trolley you can be sure of the same quality craftsmanship while protecting your chairs from scratches caused by trolleys not intended for our designs.

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Evosa Chair Trolley

Our Evosa Chair Trolleys are designed to safely transport all of our chair ranges. The CTH/8 is a 2-wheeled chair trolley with a padded panel for transporting stacks of Evosa chairs.

The additional front loop on the trolley slides under the seat frame to ensure the stack is supported during use. This trolley enables the chairs to be moved with maximum ease but minimum effort, so your staff remain safe whilst moving furniture.



The space for your event, meeting, or conference might be a dedicated room or one with changing uses. Either way, our furniture will transform any area into a modern and professional setting. Because Burgess understand that room usage change, we designed chair trolleys to move our own designs. The last thing you want need is to be embarrassed by poor quality, uncomfortable furnishings. But with Burgess Furniture, you have a guarantee of comfort and quality. And by transporting Burgess chairs with the specific trolley designed to carry it, your furniture will continue to look great for years to come.