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“             An A&D (Architecture and Design) Specification Manager is a relatively new position within the Manufacture and Supplier industry and there is an element of subjectivity as to what qualifies an individual to represent a company in this position. I cannot speak for others elsewhere, but for me the importance of this role is to deliver the required level of service to the A&D community which will enable a more successful process of them finding a specific product to meet their design concept.

The fundamental reason for my appointment as the A&D Specification Manager for Burgess Furniture Ltd, which may I add is a first for us so exciting times ahead, is to discuss design specification at a stage where if we need to accommodate a client’s concept by testing out a chosen fabric on our chairs or even going as far as developing bespoke proto-types, we have suitable time within the programme to do so.

So what personally qualifies me to guide you through this?
Depending on who is asking it may be experience, education or qualifications, but in all honesty the easiest way to find out is to contact me at the initial stages of your project and judge for yourself.

Before I go I would like to reaffirm to our clients that we are a proud British Manufacture, where our factory accommodates both traditional and modern productions methods, with a design department who have worked alongside some of the most prestigious individuals around the world. We are ultimately a designers dream.”

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For more information please visit: www.burgessfurniture.com

For all enquiries, photographs and interviews contact: 
Jacob Tassaker at +44 (0)7391 416167
 or jtassaker@burgessfurniture.com

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