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FIORA 60/2


The FIORA 60/2 features our unique convex aluminium extrusion, with stylish inset back upholstery, the moulded Allday™ Comfort Plus seat in a 45cm standard width, and will stack 10 high with or without optional arms.



Contemporary Conference & Banqueting.


Available in a wide range of finishes together with a large selection of fabrics from the Burgess collection or as specified by the customer.


Classic Arm (add suffix A) - arms add 15cm to width and 0.7kg to weight, Standard Linking (available in black as standard with gold or silver on request), Spacer Linking or Retractable Linking, Detachable Tablet, Hymn Book Pocket and Stacking Trolley.


88 45 57 44.5 10 5.0


Strength test to
BS4875 (2001)
Part 1 Test Level 5
Stability Test to
BS7945 (1999)
Report No: STSEF33463/DCH/JB

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