Dancefloor Wood

For a more natural dancefloor, choose the beautiful oak wood with an aluminium trim. This design is quick to install and easily transported/stored, thanks to Burgess’ unique dancefloor trolley. The oak wood finish is available in three shades; Dark Bishop Oak, Willow Grey Oak and Royal White Oak.

Dimensions: See options below

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Our dance floors are all supplied with

  • Aluminium border trim
  • Quick interlocking layout
  • Spare and replacements Single full panels or Half panels available


  • Dance floors size available from 244cm:
    • 8ft (L) x 8ft (W)
    • 10ft (L) x 10ft (W)
    • 12ft (L) x 10ft (W)
    • 12ft (L) x 12ft (W)
    • 14ft (L) x 12ft (W)
    • 14ft (L) x 14ft (W)
    • 16ft (L) x 14ft (W)
    • 16ft (L) x 16ft (W)
    • 18ft (L) x 18ft (W)
    • 18ft (L) x 16ft (W)
    • 20ft (L) x 16ft (W)
    • 20ft (L) x 16ft (W)
    • 20ft (L) x 18ft (W)
    • 22ft (L) x 22ft (W)
    • 24ft (L) x 24ft (W)
  • Dance floor trolleys are also available –
    • 112cm x 70cm x 127cm
    • 140cm x 68cm x 130cm