Dancefloor Stone

Leave a lasting impression with a stone finish that your guests will love. Perfect for any wedding, function or event, this easily assembled dancefloor will be the standout feature of your space. The stone finish is available in three shades; Black Riven Slate, Urban Concrete and Ivory Limestone.

Dimensions: See options below

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Our dance floors are all supplied with

  • Aluminium border trim
  • Quick interlocking layout
  • Spare and replacements Single full panels or Half panels available


  • Dance floors size available from 244cm:
    • 9ft (L) x 9ft (W)
    • 12ft (L) x 9ft (W)
    • 12ft (L) x 12ft (W)
    • 15ft (L) x 12ft (W)
    • 18ft (L) x 15ft (W)
    • 18ft (L) x 18ft (W)
    • 21ft (L) x 15ft (W)
    • 21ft (L) x 18ft (W)
    • 21ft (L) x 21ft (W)
    • 24ft (L) x 18ft (W)
    • 24ft (L) x 21ft (W)
    • 24ft (L) x 24ft (W)
    • 27ft (L) x 27ft (W)
    • 30ft (L) x 27ft (W)
    • 30ft (L) x 30ft (W)
  • Dance floor trolleys are also available –
    • 112cm x 70cm x 127cm
    • 140cm x 68cm x 130cm