The quality of Burgess products cannot be denied


Why did you choose to purchase from Burgess Furniture?

This order was made following a purchase we made to renew all our banquet chairs which we then renewed for an additional 80 chairs. Our choice to pick Burgess Furniture was based on the wide choice the company offers, the unrivalled quality of the materials used and the details in the finishes Burgess always delivers. Burgess products are just a guarantee that you can purchase furniture which will last the test of time no matter what. It is with total peace of mind that we choose Burgess Furniture as we know the quality will be there.

Did the Burgess Furniture Brand have an impact on this decision?

Of course it did. The brand Burgess Furniture is a serious, reliable and solid brand. The quality of the products they deliver speaks for itself.

How did you find the staff who helped you through purchasing process?

Always pleasant and professional.