Jeremy Burgess - Managing Director

Jeremy, can you recall your first day at Burgess Furniture and tell us about it in as many details as you can remember.

There was never a first day as such. When I was 15 years old, I started working in the factory during the summer. I worked in the assembly part, bending aluminium, cutting leather for sofas, I also once drove a truck down to Switzerland to deliver furniture to one of our customers! I think that understanding fully the products you sell is extremely important. On the 2nd September 1977, I was working for Burgess full time as a role within export became vacant.  

What has been your most memorable time at Burgess (or a few of them)?

In the 80’s one of my most lively memory was the Far East market development. At the time we gained 4 out of 5 of the biggest hotels in Singapore. Our biggest order was placed at that time for 4500 chairs!! It was a proud moment and the fact that they still are customers of ours is amazing.

During the mid-90’s our partnership with MTS was a successful step forward and something we have never regretted. In the 2000’s one of my best memory was that Burgess bought back some shares they sold during the 90’s to Rothschild’s making Burgess Furniture a 100% family own and ran business again (it is still the case today). More recently in 2009, Burgess Furniture celebrated its 50th birthday and won the Queen awards (for Enterprise International Trade) and that was another proud moment. 

What are you the proudest of for Burgess? 

Still being here today is incredible.  Burgess has succeeded in a tough marketplace and is employing so many great people sometimes fathers to sons. 17 of our employees have been with us over 25yrs and our oldest Burgess employee, Terry Summers, has been with us for 42yrs. So yes, some of my employee's loyalty to Burgess makes me very proud. 

 What would you like the future of Burgess to be like? 

Continue to thrive in the hospitality industry and accomplish our 3-year growth plan.  Brexit is a big unknown for most of the companies trading with the rest of Europe and I hope that the business won't be affected by whichever deal we get with Europe, and keep sailing for as long as possible. 



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