Room service trolley

RST. 3001


The RST.3001 service trolley features tri-folding flaps which fold up and down to speed up clearing and minimise breakages during the return to the kitchen, tilting tops (for storage in echelon) which mechanically lock down when in use, with a discreet release away from prying hands. All trolleys have grills fitted as standard to carry two food warmer boxes, and 12.5cm castors, two of which are braked.



Hotels, Banqueting & Conference Centres.


A choice of nylon flock or Cherry HPL tops, both with black Poly-textured edge, and base frames are epoxy powder coated in silver, with hardware in corrosion-resistant zinc plate.


Food Warmer Boxes and Caddies - see accessories for further details.


Room service trolley Room service trolley Room service trolley
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Stacking Chair Trolleys & Table Trucks

As everyone in the Hotel and Conference trade knows, setting up before and clearing away after a 'big' occasion, be it a major conference or a large wedding, is what takes the time. People are therefore always looking for ways that can ease the burden. Burgess Furniture, having recongnised this fact, have for many years beeing supplying high quality durable conference & banqueting furniture, all with one aim in mind, to make life easier for their customers.

One of the first issues that we dealt with was the matter of storage, as tables and chairs can take up a lot of room when they are not being used and with space costing money, keeping our furnitures 'footprint' to a minimum is and always has been a major consideration. However, we also knew that our conferences / hotel / banqueting furniture was going to be moved from storage to venue many times in it's life.

That meant it had not only to be durable, but also had to be manufactured with transportation in mind. We thus included a series of innovations into our designs that enable them to be stacked or folded easily and to be carried on trolleys and trucks. Our latest range of accessories completes the equation, the chair trollers and table trucks in our Conference Accessories Range providing the easy safe transport required in today's busy conference environment.

Banquetting & Conference Accessories

Besides our trolleys and trucks, we also supply a range of screening systems, barriers, chair and table covers (skirtings), lecterns, room service trolleys and stages. All are manufactured to your exact requirements and are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics and where appropriate frame finishes.

Dance Floors

We can also supply a wide range of dance floors, these being available in finishes from polished wood parquet to the more modern high gloss variety. All types are supplied with an aluminium border trim.

Conference Staging

We offer four ranges for conference staging. The Centrefold portable staging system has a positive locking mechanism, which holds the halves of the platform securely in position. Additionally, weight has been significantly reduced by virtue of a lightweight but strong aluminum rim assembly, thus allowing for easier transportation and erection.

Our Ultralight Staging range offers incredible strength and is ideally suited to temporary installations.

Besides these two there are two lightweight options, the Praktikus and Unistage. Both offer easy storage (the former only being 9cm in height when stacked), whilst the latter is extremely light.


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