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Combining a unique asymmetrical aluminium extrusion and multi-contoured seat, the Orvia Armchair can be ordered in any back shape of the Orvia range. Just add A to the number of the model, i.e. shown here 12/5A.


It features ergonomically correct lumbar support to achieve genuine all day comfort and can be stacked 10 high.



Multi purpose - Conference, Banqueting, Office and Meeting Room.


A wide range of finishes are offered together with a large selection of fabrics from the Burgess collection or as specified by the customer.


Top Rail, Retractable Linking & Numbering, Detachable Tablet and Stacking Trolley.


  +13.5     10 +1


Strength test to
BS EN 15373:2007
Test Level 3
Stability Test to
BS EN 1022:2005
Report No: TSSEF41979

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Contemporary Banqueting Chair.

Another chair designed by Peter Roth, the Orvia chair melds the latest innovative design with the well established marker leading qualities of the Vario Allday seating technology.

It's unique asymmetrical aluminium extrusion delivers a slender elegance while retaining the inherent strength that Burgess Chairs are known for. Best of all though, because of our work with FIRA and their leading consultant, Levent Caglar, this range of chairs are sure to be the most comfortable you will ever sit in.

A wide range of finishes are offered for this chair, as is normally the case with our quality furniture..

Manufacturers of totally comfortable chairs

Burgess Furniture supply high quality conference, wedding venue, hotel and banqueting furniture, there being currently no less than 19 different styles being available. This range and our care and attention in the design and manufacture stages, results in the fact that whether you're attending a presentation in an auditorium, working in a conference breakout group or sat down for a gala dinner, if it's a Burgess chair you will be supremely comfortable for the duration.


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