The new Centrefold portable staging system represents a complete redesign of our previous platform range.


Most significantly, ease of use has been improved with a positive-locking mechanism to hold the halves of the platform securely in their upright position for storage and transportation.


Additionally, weight has been significantly reduced by virtue of a lightweight but extremely strong extruded aluminium rim assembly. This not only enhances manoeuvrability and ease of handling, but also provides integral mounting for a range of quick-release accessories including steps, guard rails, facia panels and linking. Tops feature a textured, non-slip surface as standard, with the option of carpeting, with compact storage dimensions by virtue of a nesting base frame.


The new Centrefold is available in a 244cm x 122cm & 244cm x 183cm sizes, with dual height of either 40-60cm or 60-80cm, plus single height versions in 40cm & 60cm.

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Stage detail


The Centrefold Platform is available in the following sizes and can be nested when folded for compact storage.


CFP.2412 L:244cm W:122cm Folded: L122cm D: 59cm

CFP.2418 L:244cm W:183cm Folded: L183cm D: 59cm

Dual Height: 40-60cm

Dual Height: 60-80cm

Single Height: 40cm

Single Height: 60cm

(Please specify height with order)


Stage linking   Stage skirting




Please refer to our brochure and colour card for further details.


Stage guardrails




CFP.G12 fits 122cm rim

CFP.G18 fits 183cm rim


Stage steps




CFP.S40 H:40cm W91cm

CFP.S60 H:60cm W91cm

CFP.S80 H:80cm W91cm

Ramps are available on request

Stage facia panels


Facia Panels


CFP.F1240 L:122cm H:40cm

CFP.F1260 L:122cm H:60cm

CFP.F1280 L:122cm H:80cm

CFP.F1840 L:183cm H:40cm

CFP.F1860 L:183cm H:60cm

CFP.F1880 L:183cm H:80cm


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